I've seen a lot of conservative youtube videos (particularly PragerU, the most diehard conservative identity loyalist I've ever seen) that explain to the viewer such things as why truth is objective. the description of that last video is downright hilarious: "Renowned philosophy professor Paul Copan provides an excellent road map through this tricky and vitally important issue". I mean maybe that was supposed to be sarcastic but knowing PragerU I doubt it.

The comments on these videos are a bit sad. Nearly all of them are praising PragerU for doing this wonderful job and educating this dark world. Well, what PragerU said was right, but it's not as if it was the least bit insightful or convincing. They're not helping much with this video. Most of the people who have this philosophical problem wouldn't outright say the stuff PragerU is condemning. PragerU is basically taking a bastardized, strawman version of the worst of anti-philosophy and acting like they're intellectual heroes for shooting down this dark mistruth, and everyone's worshipping them for it.

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