Fucking anti-moralists

Egoists, nihilists, or whatever word I can use without you erupting into a chorus of complaint so loud that you can't hear me. Yes I'm writing in second person this time because I've had enough of you. You brag about being evil and you think it makes you cool. You rabidly strawman my common sense, refuse to listen to corrections and jeer at me for your intentional stupidity.

There is one strawman I've found to be almost universal among you: that "morality is objective" means "everyone agrees about morality". You shout at me "But not everyone agrees with your morals!" as if that proves me wrong.

In what the fuck context does "X is objective" mean "everyone agrees about X"? If I say science is objective, do I mean no one is wrong about science?

To a sane reader: maybe you think this strawman is so blatant that it can't be true, I must be strawmanning *them*. Behold this "rebuttal" of my article on metaphysics:


Read the section that "rebuts" my argument based on morality.

It's not the only place. I've seen this all over internet arguments and even in-person arguments. Almost every anti-moralist I've seen does this. And explaining this to them doesn't help. It all goes out the other ear.

You fucking anti-philosophers. You are not stupid. You're trolls. This isn't a debate, it's you wasting my time with your smug assholery.

You aren't thinkers, you're not even ideologues, you're just lying trolls. I shouldn't have to bother "explaining" that strawman. Logically there's no point. I just have a really hard time giving up on entire groups of people. If you read this and I ever hear that from you again, fuck off forever.


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