What's wrong with evolutionary psychology

The premise of the field of "evolutionary psychology" is to explain facets of human psychology by explaining how they arose from natural selection. They're answering a question that was never asked. They're answering what caused it to be the way it is rather than what the underlying principle is that encompasses this facet.

The goal of psychology is to understand how the mind works at the root level so that you can extrapolate and understand how the mind will work in arbitrary situations without having to study each one individually. When evolutionists tell you "the mind works like X because natural selection", they're not helping you at all to understand psychology. Unless you're a biologist or something yourself you don't care *how* it happened; you care how the mind works because that's what actually relevant to all of our day-to-day experience, and with regard to that the scientists aren't telling anything you didn't already know. When I tell you "the mind works like X and Y because it actually works like Z and you can see how both are extensions of Z", I'm helping you to understand psychology, because now you can extrapolate and know that the mind will also work like any other X that's an extension of Z.


In a word, the evolutionary psychologists aren't explaining psychology so much as they're explaining it *away*. I'm explaining psychology for real. My goal is to enumerate all the primitive features of the mind so that we have a simple belief set that enables us to understand all the emergent facets of the mind fully.


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