Inflammmation is one of the most widespread and obvious dirty tactics. Anyone can do it, but it takes some skill to be really good at it. This involves not only being more effective with it, but doing it in ways that many observers won't consider insulting, at least if they already agree with your message. This can be used in an online argument to bait your opponent into flaming you in retaliation, and then having the moderators censor them and not you.

First, there's a different between flaming and inflaming. Flaming involves directly and explicitly insulting your opponent, especially with the use of all caps or profanity, and is actually a subset of inflaming. Inflaming is about making your opponent angry. And so flaming is actually the least effective form of inflaming, being suicidal more often than not - most times you're the first to swear at an opponent in an online argument, everyone else in the conversation instantly dismisses you and downvotes you if the forum has such a mechanic. You may even be censored by the moderators. The result is that you actually make your opponent feel better. Unfortunately for reasonable debaters, there are ways to inflame someone in much more subtle - and much more powerful - ways. Here are some techniques I've learned from seeing skilled assholes do this on the internet:

There are probably more techniques out there, but for now, these were the ones I could put my finger on. I hope that I've given you a clearer understanding of how inflammation works so that you can more easily notice your opponents doing it and hopefully resist the urge to flame them.