A major fixture of leftist messaging is that the world is full to the brim with discrimination; a few traits - being male, white, heterosexual, cisgender, etc - carry privilege or institutional power, and those without these traits are "systemically" oppressed.

While I've always thought leftists exaggerate this, I find it mostly pointless to argue about that because a proper understanding of the correlated trait fallacy shows it's irrelevant to most things. For example, programs aimed at helping disadvantaged groups. We all agree that helping the less fortunate is more morally valuable than helping the more fortunate. So, the best thing to do is to help the people who are least fortunate, not the people who have the most traits correlated with misfortune. Surely it's better to help a homeless white person than a black millionaire.

Caveat: if you believe those traits are not only correlated with misfortunate but likely to cause more misfortune in the future, then you can consider those traits themselves to make a person less fortunate. But your plan should still be to help the least fortunate overall, so as long as you admit that some things (like being homeless) outweigh any of those traits, you should still screen for misfortune, not for oppressed traits.

Another point I want to make is that the term "privilege" is a destructive one. All of us are oppressed by the state, even cishet white men. A slave treated better than another slave is not "privileged". Except for those responsible for the state's violence, we all belong on the same side, and calling each other privileged is victim blaming.

Finally I want to drive home that while cishet white men might be more likely to be fortunate than others, not only are there individual exceptions, but there are large-scale examples of bigotry against these traits which leftists need to stop ignoring. My intention is not to claim that white men are more oppresssed than nonwhite people and non-men; again I have little interesting in arguing about who has it worse, but to shut leftists the fuck up about it "not existing".

Anti-white racism

You have to be living under a rock to not see some really vicious examples of anti-white racism online. Incase you have been living under a rock, check out the college professor who in his own words wanted white genocide for Christmas, and Coca Cola training employees to "be less white".

When I point out some of these, a common retort I receive is that this stuff isn't oppression because it doesn't violate rights... from leftists who have suddenly taken up a very strict libertarian definitions of rights which they would never use in any other context because it would also exclude most of the racism against nonwhite people. If anything that doesn't violate freedom of association is not oppression, then racial slurs, misgendering, and conservative institutions refusing to serve LGBT customers are all not oppression.

Another common retort is that these things are oppression when done to marginalized groups because they fuel the systemic oppression that goes beyond these things, but similar actions against privileged people don't because there's no systemic oppression of those people. This is just a refusal to admit that exceptions exist.


If you don't live under a rock, you've probably also seen things like this feminist who hates men so much that it's never okay for other women to sleep with men. But why bother with game like that, when there are several examples of systemic violence that specifically target men?

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