Yujiri's Second Law of Argument

*Yujiri's Second Law: No amount of clarity can prevent a strawman.*

Back when I believed homosexuality was immoral, I participated in an argument about it in the Prismata discord server. In this argument, I used the premise that homosexual *intercourse* is a choice, and I added a parenthesized clause to make it very clear that I was talking about *the actual act of sex*, not just being attracted to humans of the same sex.

Prismata review

Naturally, the response I got a few lines later was "What the fuck is nobody going to call Yujiri out for saying that being gay is a choice?" I shouldn't have been surprised.

Statists often critize anarcho-capitalists for having nonsense ideas of what constitues a use of force. Austin Petersen, a minarchist, claims that the non-aggression-principle doesn't forbid *threats* of aggression as long as they aren't carried out:


Good rebuttal to it

But what anarchist has ever said this? Anarcho-capitalists spend tons of time talking about the specifics of what their non-aggression principle means and for all the time I've spent in ancap communities, I've heard them say some stupid things but that has not been one of them. Even the massive amount of effort they spend clarifying their principle wasn't enough to prevent a strawman, and no amount would've been.

There's also the widespread stereotype that libertarians are pedophiles or believe that pedophilia is okay, despite libertarians being just as anti-pedophile as members of any other ideology and their frequent memes about throwing pedophiles into woodchippers.

Some people are just going to strawman you. And the importance of this law is that just because you were strawmanned does *not* mean you need to be clearer next time. Often it just means you're dealing with a bad faith opponent.


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