Yujiri's Second Law: You will always be strawmanned, no matter how clear you make yourself.

I once participated in an argument about homosexuality in the Prismata discord server. In this argument, I used the premise that homosexual intercourse is a choice, and I added a parenthesized clause to make it very clear that I was talking about the actual act of sex, not just being attracted to humans of the same sex.

Naturally, the response I got a few lines later was "What the fuck is nobody going to call Yujiri out for saying that being gay is a choice?" I shouldn't have been surprised.

Statists often critize anarcho-capitalists for having obviously nonsensical ideas of what constitues a use of force. Austin Petersen, a minarchist, claims that the non-aggression-principle doesn't forbid threats as long as no "harm" is actually carried out, but what anarchist has ever said this? Anarcho-capitalists spend tons of time talking about the specifics of what their non-aggression principle means and for all the time I spend in Ancap communities, I've heard them say some stupid things but that has not been one of them. I'm positive Petersen knows this isn't their ideology and just wanted to make up an absurd strawman of what he couldn't refute because it is the logical conclusion of his principles.

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