If you want to message me in private, you can PM me on reddit (u/Yujiri) or email me at rlwestlund@gmail.com.

If you can be bothered, it would be really cool if you'd encrypt and/or sign the message using OpenPGP. My pubkey is ID BBD08947 available at keys.gnupg.net. I'm just now getting into encryption for real and I'd like to try it out; I can't be confident that I'm using it right until I use it.

Also, if the content I make has been valuable to you, please consider donating with Paypal at rlwestlund@gmail.com, or if another way would be easier for you, let me know and I'll see if I can make it available.

Return To The Portrait has costed me $247 so far just in flat cash to obtain character art, and that's not counting the hundreds of hours I've spent on it. If I were paid $8 an hour, the total opportunity cost of making it has been at least a few thousand dollars.

Of course that's not counting the value of what I've learned from it, but when you factor in opportunity cost that too becomes negative since I already knew Python and probably won't ever make another VN with Renpy (RTTP taught me to hate it). I could have learned a lot more a lot faster by not making RTTP.


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