A couple of garbage, under-criticized tropes

A couple of garbage tropes I rarely see criticized.

Lethal training

A faction's training is "so intense that many cadets die". This is a garbage trope because that could never happen on accident. Inherently dangerous training is one thing, but training that's lethal because it's "so intense" would never be a thing because you don't die quickly from "intensity". The commander must be seeing a cadet on the verge of death and deciding to keep pushing them knowing fully well it won't result in a soldier.

Offending examples: The Fall of Reach, Mass Effect 2 (Asari Justicars).

Trauma or grief makes friends drift apart

So there was a band of four close friends, one of them died and that made the other three want to stop being together. Sound like how people work? Don't be ridiculous. Shared suffering is an extremely powerful bonding force.

This ruined the bad ending of Doki Doki: Salvation, and appears in Lost Odyssey, where the only reason it's not catastrophic is that it's in backstory and not really important.

What else doesn't get enough hate?

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