I have dozens of novels in progress (and I'm seriously not exaggerating) that I switch between constantly, so most of them are still in early development. So far it's just these two that I feel ready to share publicly. If you read them and have feedback, feel free to contact me over Reddit (Yujiri).

Pillars of Life (Finished)

A submissive boy in an oppressed land learns courage.

I had been keeping this hidden for its entire development history but once I finished it I decided I couldn't keep it hidden any longer. That would just be wrong. I write stories for a reason (I'm sure it's obvious what that is if you read my religion pages), and I also need feedback so I know what to do better next time. So here you go. If you have something meaningful to say about it, preferably contact me over Reddit (username Yujiri). Also, don't be terribly surprised if you find like, a blatant inconsistency or something in this story; I changed a lot of things in the last couple weeks I was writing this for and it's not out of the question that I missed something.

Rebels (Working title)

A delinquent teenage girl wants a career that uses her talent for fighting, but doesn't want to serve the government... what other option is there?

This one is my first attempt at a sci-fi story that avoids the problems of fake sci-fi (I've come up with a solution but haven't found a good way to work it into the narrative yet). It still involves elements that are arguably fantasy and not sci-fi (like the combat system), but w/e. Also, I'm aware that the plot summary is painfully similar to Pillars of Life, but I'm hoping that the vastly different protagonist and world make it different enough to be worth having both stories.