That's right, I make a DDLC mod too! The premise of MC's Revenge is that starting with Act 2, MC starts to become meta-aware like Monika, seeing the graphical glitches and everything. He doesn't yet realize what's happening or remember Act 1, but he might... if you pick the right choices :)

The mod is on version 1.1.2, which I expect to be the last update I ever make. Download link is here (backup version 1.1.1 if that doesn't work - the only difference is some minor technical improvements). You install it the same way you do most mods: extract the zip file and drop everything into the /game/ directory of a normal DDLC installation. You might have to delete 'firstrun' inside the folder too. Credits are distributed with the download, in 'credits.txt'.

Complete guide is here (only mild spoilers are unhidden, so don't be afraid to click after your first playthrough)

Also, note to Monikans who looked at the title and are worried about seeing their waifu portrayed like she was in Rainclouds/New Eyes: The ending portrayed as the best is the one where you forgive Monika, so I don't think this will offend you.