Pillars Of Life

Chapter 12: Epilogue

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We found Nayomi a doctor, and with some of the blood-replenishing elixir made by me, she made it.

"So," I was saying to her the next day, as soon as she was feeling a little better. "It looks like all of the Voren did die. We haven't received any reports of trouble from the other pillars."

"I can't believe we won... Mitilda was right. Not given the information we had, but... dang. I thought we'd all meet in the afterlife and I would be trying to help everybody else forgive her."

I nodded. "Me too... but in the end, she died a hero. Even sacrificed herself personally."

"Yeah... I wanted to tell you. I saw her face just before she made contact. She was smiling."

"Good. I really became Yildirim... but luckier. My sister died of her own agency instead of hating me for betraying her."

"You know," Nayomi said, "I kind of feel like we should be grieving for our lost friends... but it's just impossible after that victory."

"Yeah, I know the feeling. It's terrible that they're not here but we're lucky any of us are. But it's time to think about what to do with this world. We're basically omnipotent now. What do we do with that power?"

"We make a world where the innocent are free to do what they want without coercion, right? No more violence. No more fear. And with our magic, we should be able to make life much easier for them. We can conjure water for drinking and farming, light fires for people, counteract extreme weather when necessary, and... whatever people need. There was no reason for people to have to suffer like they did under the Voren rule. The world will be a much better place now."

"Yeah..." I said, "but I meant like, what about the guards? What should we do with them? A lot of people want to kill them all, but... what about the ones like Beatrice? They're all claiming to be like that, and there's no easy way to find out the truth. I'm sure many people will have trouble forgiving even those ones anyway."

"I don't know... I don't think killing people is a good idea when we have essentially infinite power. We should make them atone for their sins instead."

"Yeah, you're right. Make them the servants of those they once oppressed."

Nayomi nodded. "I'm sure everyone will be able to get behind that. You know, I'm kind of disappointed... that it's all over. We beat the Voren. Now we just have a peaceful, happy life ahead of us. I kind of wish... wish there was more evil to fight! Does that sound crazy?"

"No, I totally know where you're coming from. That's the virtue of ambition. In a world without suffering, there can't be kindness. In a world without danger, there can't be courage. And in a world without evil, there can't be justice. And those are the things we value. We... kind of need the forces of evil, in a way. I don't think there's anything perverse about admitting that."

"Those are wise words. So what do we do now that they're all gone?"

"Simple..." I said with a smile. "We remember that they're not all gone."


"The Voren came from somewhere, remember? There must be another land, another set of pillars or something, thousands of miles away in some unknown direction. Maybe another place full of oppressed innocents. When we get powerful enough to make the journey, we'll find it. And when we do, with luck there will be more battles for good to fight."