"You ready?" Jane said.
Dak breathed. "Yeah. I can't believe we're actually gonna do this." They were about to obtain some tannin illegally by stealing it from a warehouse and leaving money there equal to the cost. They were doing it mostly because they wanted to see what it was like to be inebriated, but also as a symbolic defiance of an unjust law.
"You scared?"
"A little."
"Me too. But we're brave. We can handle it."
They approached the door. Dak inserted his lockpicking device, and it hacked the electronic lock, then turned on an indicator light. They retrieved the device, opened the door and stepped in.
There were security cameras at night, of course. But they didn't set off alarms, just recorded footage for viewing later, and Jane and Dak were wearing masks so they couldn't be recognized. They entered the garage area where all the products were stored and located the tannin.
"Here it is," Jane said, taking a small amount of it and putting the money in its place. "Let's get out of here."
They tiptoed out even though they knew there was no one to catch them, and ran away from the building as soon as they were out, breathing hard. "We did it!" Dak said. "We're officially criminals now!"
They went back to Jane's house, using her parents' car (which they were of course using without permission). Then they mixed the tannin powder with water and drank it.
"It tastes good," Dak said.
Jane grunted affirmatively. "Now we just wait for the effects."
"Damn, that was so exhilarating," Dak said.
"Yeah... I'm so glad I met you, Dak. I'm not sure I would have been brave enough to do that on my own."
They had met as classmates, and became friends when their math teacher had given them an assignment involving 'imaginary numbers'. Jane and Dak both rejected the concept of imaginary numbers and refused to do any problems involving them, so they had agreed to help each other cheat on future tests to compensate for the lost points from the imaginary number problems.
"I sure wouldn't have. Hell, I didn't even really realize just how unjust the regulations are until you talked to me about it. But putting people in a cage for something that isn't even wrong? That's just fucking bullshit."
"Yeah, everything the government does is. It's especially shitty that their go-to punishment is to take people's freedom instead of just beating them up like a good person would. I guess they just want everyone thinking the absence of physical pain is a more important right than freedom, cause that makes it easier for them to oppress us."
"We so need a revolution in this country," Dak said.
"Every governed country needs a revolution," Jane said. "There's no such thing as a non-oppressive government. By definition they impose their baseless authority with violence and imprison everyone brave enough to fight back." She was getting really mad just talking about this.
They started to feel the effects of the tannin now. It gave them a pleasant tactile sensation all over their bodies, similar to that of being touched gently, and nullified the mild pain of the cold.
"So this is the sensation the government throws people in cages for experiencing too much or if they're underage," Jane said.
"You know, it feels good to be a criminal. Knowing that if bad people found out what I just did, they'd wanna stuff me in a cage. That just makes me feel cool, you know?"
Jane laughed. "Totally. That's how you know you're a good person."