"In light of this," the teacher said over the video conference, "I'd like to ask you all what you think the purpose of government should be."
"To enforce morality," Kyle said immediately.
"You're wrong," one of the other students said. "You can't legislate morality."
"Actually, morality is the only thing you can legislate," Kyle said. "Everything that should be illegal - like murder and theft - is so because it's immoral. If something isn't immoral it shouldn't be illegal."
"No, it's because they hurt other people. You might think some things are immoral, like suicide, but you can't make those things illegal because they don't harm anyone else."
"Immorality is immorality, harm or no. When people try to do immoral things, they should be stopped and punished."
"But you can't force your beliefs on other people! What if someone else thinks it's okay to commit suicide?"
"You don't seem to have any problem with forcing your belief that murder is wrong on others."
"You're damn right I don't because it doesn't hurt anyone else!"
"Relax, kids!" the teacher said. "Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It's okay to disagree."
"But people aren't entitled to do whatever they want just because it 'doesn't hurt others'," said Tina, one of the other students. "Everyone has a duty to use their life to do good for the world, and suicide is abandoning that duty."
"Screw that!" the pro-suicide girl said. "People have a right to exist for their own pleasure! There's no duty to make the world a better place with your life."
"Yes there is. Everything you have, you were given by someone. If you don't give back to society, you're essentially a thief."
"A thief that never took anyone else's property without their consent?"
"I would argue it was without their consent," Kyle said. "When your parents fed you as a baby, they did so under the assumption that you would do something good with your life when you were older. If you live a self-centered life, you're backstabbing the people that gave it to you."
"An interesting argument," the teacher said. "But it seems to only apply if the person's parents don't want them to commit suicide."
"It might not be stealing," said Tina, "but it's still an act of vice. You're still taking and not giving back. It'd be the same as breaking into someone's house to steal and finding out that they're okay with it. So it's still be right for the government to stop you."
"And do what, put you in jail?" the pro-suicide girl said. "That'd just make the person even more of a drag on society!"
"No, not put them in jail. That would be stupid. You would give them community service as a punishment. That way they pay off their debt."
"I like that idea," Kyle said. "Community service is a good punishment."
"But forced labor is barbaric! That's called slavery!"
"Forcing someone to pay off their debt isn't slavery. It's justice."
"I like the way you think, Kyle," Tina said. "I'd vote for you."
"Thanks. I'd vote for you too."