"So if we're going to start a revolution," Jane was saying, "we're gonna need weapons." Gun ownership was illegal.
"Yeah... that's the hard part," Dak said. "We'll have to steal some from some cops or something."
"I don't think it's the hard part. I think the hardest part will be convincing enough people to join us. Stealing weapons from the police doesn't sound that hard. Probably we can just jump lone patrols. Which... I guess I'm game to start doing, whenever."
"Even thinking about it makes my stomach hurt. Surely we don't need to do that yet?"
"I guess it wouldn't hurt to recruit a few more people to our cause first." Jane saw a cop arguing with a little girl in the distance. The girl ran, and the cop chased her. "That looks bad. We'd better intervene." Jane and Dak ran toward the scene.
"Stop!" the cop yelled at the girl. "Come back here!"
"Hey!" Jane said when she got close. "What's going on here, cop?"
"It doesn't concern you!" The cop caught up to the girl and grabbed her arm. Jane and Dak caught up shortly afterward.
"Let go of her or we'll make you," Dak said.
Surprisingly, he did. The girl stepped away from him, but didn't bolt again.
"Now tell us what's going on," Jane said.
"I'm just trying to take her home," the cop said. "It's dangerous for a little kid to be out alone at night."
"I don't care!" the girl said. "I want to be away from home right now, and where I go is my business!"
"You're a minor. You can't make decisions like that without your parents' consent."
"Bullshit!" Jane said. "So just because she's a kid she doesn't have any rights?"
"That's not what I said. I said -"
"Yes it is. Look cop, lemme tell you how it is. No one is a 'minor'. It's a bullshit propaganda term the government made up so they could get away with treating kids like property instead of people. Everyone has the right to go where they want as long as they aren't hurting others. It's called freedom. If you take that right from her, you're an oppressor and I'll have to use force to defend her from you."
"You're way out of line, kid! Threatening a cop? Are you crazy?"
"There's three of us and only one of you," Dak said. "You can either back off and let the girl enjoy her freedom or we can take you down."
"With the stun gun I have?" Then the cop realized his mistake: he hadn't stepped out of reach once they started threatening him. Jane and Dak, knowing that a peaceful resolution wasn't going to happen, attacked him. Jane managed to get the stun gun off his belt and shoot him with it just before he could press the button on his armor that turned on the energy shields.
The cop fell limp. Stun guns worked by cutting off neural signals through the neck, so it was like a temporary paralysis effect. "Ow!" the cop yelled when his head hit the ground. "Do you have any idea how much that hurts? Couldn't one of you at least have caught my head?"
"You hardly deserved it," Dak said. "You were trying to use violence to restrain the innocent. I feel no sympathy for you."
"Wow..." the girl said. "You two just saved me from a cop! You're awesome!"
"No problem," Jane said. "We hate it when bullies try to use violence to impose their baseless authority. So what's your name? I'm Jane and he's Dak."
"I'm Kath."
"I like that name. Say, isn't it exhilarating to defy authority?"
"Yeah... it's scary, but fun."
"I want you to take an important lesson from this: that feeling is how you know you're doing the right thing."

"Well, the shift is almost over," Lindsey said. Priscilla had accompanied her throughout her shift this day to get a glimpse of life as a cop. "It's been good having your company, Priscilla. So what are you thinking about becoming a cop?"
"I don't think it's for me. I admire the work you do. But I don't think I'd be very good at it. My skill set is more suited to the politician's arena."
"I'll miss not having you on the police force. But that's good, if you think you can do more good in the other arena, that's where you should go."
Priscilla heard the sound of a stun gun on the other side of the deli restaurant they were next to, followed by a shout. She looked at Lindsey for direction.
"We'd better go check that out," Lindsey said. "Probably just a cop making an arrest, but we should go make sure everything is under control."
They walked around the restaurant and saw the scene. It wasn't what Priscilla expected. Instead, a cop was on the ground and three kids were standing over him, one of them holding his stun gun.
The girl holding the gun pointed it at Priscilla and Lindsey immediately. Priscilla raised her hands, not wanting to be stunned. Lindsey dodged preemptively and turned on her energy shields. The shot came as soon as the girl realized she was a cop, but got absorbed.
"Shit!" she yelled. All three kids ran. Lindsey managed to stun the girl just before she rounded the corner, but not the other two. She dropped her pair of handcuffs as she ran off to chase the other two kids. "Capture her!"
"Gladly," Priscilla said, putting the handcuffs on the girl. "Priscilla?" the girl said. "Damn you! You piece of shit! Figures you'd grow up to be cop's sidekick!"
And then Priscilla recognized her. "Jane? Figures you'd grow up to be a criminal! I hope you spend the rest of your life in a cage!"
"I hope you die a slow and painful death! And I'll make sure you do! I'll suffocate you or something!"
"Childhood friend?" said the cop Jane had stunned earlier. The stun had worn off and he was back on his feet now.
"Childhood enemy," Priscilla said. "She's been a rebel since she was ten. She deserves to spend the rest of her life in a cage."
"I deserve freedom more than any of you! I'm the only one here who isn't a fucking asshole trying to take others' freedom for no goddamn reason! All I did was defend an innocent person from the government's violent aggression, and now you want to aggress against me for it! You'll pay for this! I'm gonna escape from prison and start a glorious revolution! And you'll be executed once I take over!"
Priscilla shuddered to even think of that. To shameless advocate something so evil as revolution... "See?" she said to the cop. "Jane is a dangerous criminal. I'd suggest the death penalty for her, but I think she'd prefer that to rotting in a cell."
"Any good person would. Good people value freedom, not like you bastards that think you can impose 'safety' restrictions on others against their will!"
Lindsey came back eventually, alone. "They lost me." She held up a little spherical device. "The boy dropped this, and I thought it was some kind of grenade, so I took cover. When I realized it was just a trick it was too late to still catch them."
"What is it?" Priscilla asked.
"No idea."
"Jane, what is it?" Priscilla said.
"I'm not telling you shit."
"Wait," said Lindsey, "this is Jane?"
"Yep. And she's been preaching to us about how she's going to start a revolution and execute us once she takes power."
"Oh god... What a dangerous freak. Let's take her to prison."