"I'm so excited," Sid said. "I'm about to commit my first murder." He, Alex, and Helen were here to murder someone who had discovered their cheat and reported them.
"Been there, done that," Alex said.
"You know," Sid said, "I can still feel the oppressive weight of my conscience sometimes. Like now. I'm hoping this will shut it up for good."
"It will," Alex said. "It shut mine up forever the first time I murdered someone."
They approached the house, and, satisfied that no one was watching, Sid used his device to open the door. They entered.
Their target was the one called Steve. That was all they knew. They assumed he was an adult, so they skipped the bedroom that only had kids in it. They entered one that had a man and a woman in it and surrounded them.
"Quiet or we'll kill you," Sid whispered when they woke. All of them showed their sharp knives. "Now is he Steve?"
"No!" the woman said. "Steve doesn't live here!"
"Relax, we're not here to kill him," Sid said. "We're here to make him an offer. I promise it's in your interests to tell us the truth."
"Okay, yes, I'm Steve," the man said. "What's the offer?"
Sid smiled. "You reported us for cheating at Kung Fu Arena 3. It's time for you to find out what happens to those who wrong us."
"Wait, you said it was an offer!"
Sid and his companions stabbed Steve and his wife to death. The children came running into the room shortly, so they stabbed them to death too.
"That was so satisfying," Sid said when they were done and walking out of the house.
"And the way they screamed!" Helen said. "So pathetic."
"We better get out of here before some someone arrives," Alex said, breaking into a run. Sid and Helen followed him.

"The shift is almost over," Vincent said. He was a cop that Kyle and Tina had made friends with when he gave a guest lecture in their philosophy of law class, and they had accompanied him throughout his shift this day to get a glimpse of life as a cop. Kyle was already certain he wanted this career, but his parents had wanted him to do this before making that decision.
"I've enjoyed this day thoroughly," Kyle said. "I feel so at home with the forces of justice."
"Me too," Tina said. "I'm disappointed by how much procedure there is in this job, but I guess it just has to be that way."
"I look forward to having both of you join us. You seem like you'll make good cops."
Kyle thought he heard some screams coming from the other side of the bank they were next to. They all went quiet to listen. Yes, there was definitely something happening.
"Come on!" Kyle said, leading Tina and Vincent toward the screams. They were coming from a house. Three people walked out of it: a woman and two teenage boys, all laughing and holding bloody knives. Kyle and Tina and Vincent hid behind the bank for a moment, listening to their conversation.
It only a took a couple of sentences for them to become quite sure that these three people had just murdererd someone. Kyle stepped out first, and spoke forcefully. "Hey, you three! You're murderers, aren't you?"
"We heard what you just said," Vincent said. He readied his stun gun. "Drop those knives and come over here."
"Fuck!" one of the teenage boys said. "Run!" They all bolted around the corner of the nearest building, and Vincent stunned the one who had spoke, but the other two escaped.
Vincent dropped a pair of handcuffs. "One of you capture him! I'm going after the others!"
Kyle did that while Tina followed Vincent. But when he got close, he realized he recognized the boy. "Are you... Sid?"
"Kyle..." Sid said through gritted teeth. "I'll kill you! I'll kill your fucking ass!"
"So you are a murderer. Who'd you kill, and why?"
"I ain't telling you shit! There's no reason I should cooperate with you!"
"Stop swearing."
"Or what, you'll torture me? Last I checked, you were too fucking honorable to do that!"
"No, I won't torture you. Stop swearing because you should, not because it's in your interests."
"Why the hell would I do soemthing that's not in my interests?"
Kyle clenched his fists. This boy wasn't just evil. There wasn't even a shred of good in him. "I hope you get the death penalty, you monster."
He heard car door sounds, and then an engine starting and speeding away. Vincent and Tina came back in a minute. "They got away," Vincent said. "They had a car waiting for them."
"That's too bad. But at least we got him. He won't tell me anything though."
Tina came to stand over Sid. "Why'd you do it? Why did you murder them?"
"Like I told Kyle, I ain't telling you shit!"
Tina put her foot on Sid's back. "Talk! I'll torture you!"
"Okay, okay! Steve reported us for cheating at a video game and we wanted to get revenge!"
"And you saw fit to slaughter the entire family for that?!? You deserve to die!" Tina kicked him hard.
"Agh! No, come on! You can't kill me without a trial and all that shit!"
"He's right, Tina," Kyle said. "We can't just kill him here. We'll take him to court to answer for his crimes."
"And what if they don't give him the death penalty? What if they refuse to do justice?"
Vincent answered. "If everyone thought that way, we wouldn't have a government. Life would just be a free-for-all. We need to get over our anger and let the system work."
"I know... okay. Let's go already."