A few days later, Jane was sitting in her cell, thinking about how she was going to torture Priscilla when she got free, and a guard came over to her. "Some people are here to visit you. They say their names are Dak and Kath."
Jane's excitement spiked. Yes! They were coming through. She was even more excited to hear that Kath was with him - it meant she was probably joining in their revolution. "Send them in!"
The guard fetched Dak and Kath, but stayed next to the cell to listen to their conversation. "Hey..." Dak said. "We're sorry about this. It's so fucking unjust what they do to people who fight for freedom. But we can't rescue you. It's too risky."
That made Jane nervous, but she had faith that this was a pretense. Dak wouldn't have waited this long to come see her if it wasn't a rescue attempt. She kept up the pretense. "Of course. I understand. I wouldn't want you too to get captured too."
Dak took something out of his pocket, but kept it hidden in his hand. Kath stepped back a little, and said, "Um... guard..."
The guard looked at her. "What?"
"I need the bathroom."
The guard gave her directions. Meanwhile Dak slipped his thing through the bars. Jane took it. It was his lockpicking device. That explained the delay - he had been making a new one after he lost the first one escaping from Priscilla's cop.
She hid it in her pocket immediately, just in time before the guard looked back and Kath walked away. "Thanks for understanding. I thought I'd give you an update on things."
Dak, and Kath when she came back, made random filler conversation for a few minutes, and then departed. Jane looked away from the guard to hide her excited face. It was going to happen tonight.

That evening, while they were having dinner, Jane came over to Sid again. "Dak brought me the lockpicking device," she whispered. "I can get out of my cell tonight."
"Awesome. You are gonna let me out too, right?"
"Of course. I'm gonna free as many people as I can so they can help with the revolution I'm planning."
"A revolution? You didn't say anything about that."
"What, you don't think the government deserves to be taken down?"
"No, I'm just impressed that I'm not the only one."
"Great. So I'm gonna need your help. The guard that watches us from the middle of the room at night? If I just open my cell he'll stun me before I can get to him. I need you to make a distraction for me."
"Alright. If it helps me escape, I'll do whatever you need. What's my signal?"
"I guess when it hits midnight. The guards from the evening shift should be all gone, and it won't be too hard to stay awake that long."
"Got it. Let's do this, Jane." They smiled at each other.

"Hey guard?" Sid said that night. "What time is it?"
"12:24. You should be asleep."
"I don't wanna sleep! I wanna get out! You should let me out. I deserve it. I've been in here for long enough."
"If I remember correctly, you murdered an entire family. You're staying in there for the rest of your life."
"That's bullshit! I didn't murder anyone! You cops just suck ass at investigating, so you got the wrong guy!"
"Hush now! Let the other prisoners get some sleep."
"I'm not shutting up! You gotta come make me!"
"You can't be serious. I'll make you regret this."
"How are you gonna do that without coming into my cell? Which, if you do, I'll kick your ass. I'm a better fighter than you."
"I'll just get the prison authorities to not feed you tomorrow."
"Naw, I think I'll make you come in here. Blah... blah... blah... blah..." Sid kept doing that for a minute, and finally the guard got up. "That's it. You're gonna regret this, prisoner." He got out his stun gun and stunned Sid before opening the cell.
This was Jane's opportunity. Her arms shaking with excitement, she unlocked the cell and snuck out as quietly as she could. The guard was beating on Sid now, and had left the door open with his back to it. Jane tiptoed over to Sid's cell and attacked the guard.
"What the hell -" the guard said. Jane hit him hard in the crotch, eliciting a shout of pain and anger. He tackled her, which she allowed, but she managed to get the stun gun off his belt and shoot him with it. He fell limp. "No!" he said. "Prisoner breakout! Help!"
Jane got up and said to Sid, "Finish him off as soon as you can move." Then she went to go free some more prisoners. She had spent much of the days in prison talking to the other prisoners, finding out their crimes so she would know who to free first when this day came. Her next target was Arlene, an illegal tannin dealer.
"I don't understand..." she said when Jane approached her cell. "How'd you get out?"
"Friend smuggled me a lockpicking device! Now you gotta help me!"
Jane passed her the device once she was free and then trained her stun gun on the doorway to the cellblock. No doubt the night guards from the other cellblocks would be coming soon. She had gotten ready just in time to stun the first one. The other two didn't rush in immediately, seeing what had happened to the first one.
"Everyone out the secret door!" Jane said, making sure the remaining guards could hear. She pointed to the back of Arlene's cell so none of them would ask where it was. "We can't take the guards!"
"What secret door?" the guards said to each other. "I don't know about anything like that!"
Arlene caught onto Jane's plan and said, "Found it! Thanks!"
One of the guards charged, fooled into thinking that the prisoners were escaping somehow. Jane was standing in a place he didn't expect and stunned him before he could stun her. Sid made his way to the downed guard and took his gun, just barely managing it without being stunned himself. Then he and Jane peeked out at the same time, and the remaining guard could only stun one of them in time. She hit Jane.
Jane yelped when her head hit the floor, but brushed the pain aside. "Sid, kill all the guards! We can't risk them getting back up!" Sid complied, and the prisoners took their stun guns. They started to pour out.
"Wait!" Jane said. "Stay here and pick up the guards' keys and keep freeing prisoners!" But they weren't listening. These people were only interesting in saving themselves. "Dammit!"
In about thirty seconds Jane was able to move again. She got up quickly and looked apologetically at the remaining prisoners. She couldn't free them all by herself. The guards had probably called reinforcements that would be here any minute. "I'm sorry... I have to go."
"Wait!" the prisoners screamed. "Can't you just get me before you go?"
"I'm sorry!" Jane said again as she ran out. She felt so bad for them, even though most of them were legitimate criminals. But there was nothing she could do.
Jane met up with Sid outside the building. There were only a few more guards outside, and Sid and the others had already taken out the two that were on this side. They were watching the corners of the building for the other two while Arlene used Jane's lockpicking device to open the gate in the razor wire fence.
"Hey," Sid said. "Sorry about abandoning you. But you understand. Gotta save ourselves."
"No, I don't understand. What's the point of freedom if you don't use it to spread it to others?"
"Um... being free?"
"You're a bad person. But we can put that behind us for now." The other two guards came into view, and each stunned a couple of prisoners, but Jane and Sid got them before long. Arlene had the gate open now, and the prisoners poured out. "Everyone follow me to the rendezvous point!" Jane said.
"Where's that?" Sid said.
"Dak's house. We can all catch our breath there and discuss what we're going to do next."

They made it, and Dak - and Kath - were outside waiting for them. "You actually pulled it off!" Dak said. "Awesome!"
"Couldn't have done it without your help. Thanks. We all owe you and Kath our freedom now."
"So what happens now? We don't have a hideout, and we're starting to need one."
"I don't know. I think maybe we should flee the city. We're outnumbered and outgunned by the government here, and if we stay in the capital we're just making it easier for them to find us."
"Okay," Arlene said, "but how are we going to get food? All of us are wanted. We can't go to work, even if we flee - they'll ask for identification."
"Simple:" Sid said, "we steal. I've done it before. There's nothing wrong with stealing to survive."
"No!" Jane said. "We're not going to live as thieves if there's any other way."
"What other way is there?"
"We're going to work for our food. We'll just threaten employers into not asking for identification. Since there's a bunch of us, if any employer turns in any one of us, the others can make them regret it."
"How are you going to stop us?" one of the criminals asked. "What if we just run away and live as thieves?"
"Look, now that you're wanted, you're never going to be free until the government is gone. And Dak and Kath and I will take it down with or without your help. But if you help us, and you don't steal, your crimes will be pardoned once the forces of freedom take over." Jane wasn't bluffing. Fighting the government was dangerous work, and these criminals would be exhibiting great courage if they helped with it. That courage deserved to be rewarded.
"Okay..." Sid said. "Sounds good enough. Let's get started. I'll contact Alex and Helen and tell them what happened."