"Meow," the stray cat said as Kyle reached down to pet it. It scurried under the police tape surrounding the construction area just before he touched it. "Agh," Kyle said. "Cats always run away when I try to pet them."
"You could follow it under the tape," Priscilla said. This wasn't the first time they had communicated in six years. They were frequent commenters on each others' political blogs, and had developed a sort of mutual respect, as their opinions differed greatly, but they both understood that each other truly believed everything they said, and each had convinced the other of things.
"That would be breaking the law frivolously."
Priscilla grunted admiringly. "Good to see you've walked the path of law since we last met in person. I take it you've repented for defying Mr. Stoker six years ago?"
"I stand by what I did that day."
"Oh. Too bad. You could be a great citizen if you tried, Kyle. But as long as you shamelessly place your own beliefs above authority, you're being arrogant and setting a bad example for others."
"I believe in obeying legitimate authorities. But even authorities are just people - they make mistakes sometimes. That's why it's important that each of us is listening to our own conscience as well."
"Conscience..." Priscilla mimicked the word disgustedly. "You're sounding like Jane now. Did I mentioned I helped arrest her?"
"What?!? What did she do?"
"Assaulted a cop. And then raved about the revolution she was planning to start."
Kyle looked down, disappointed. His memory of Jane was fond, as she seemed like a good person on the inside. There was probably some reason for the assault that Priscilla wasn't mentioning. But a revolution? Yes, the government did some corrupt things, but so did everyone. Violence wasn't the solution. "I'm sorry to hear that. I think I should visit her. Maybe I can talk her out of that."
"I doubt it. But if you think it's worth a try, go ahead."
"Also, on that note, I helped arrest Sid."
"A player from my team in that game who tried to cheat. I caught him and turned him into Mrs. Carter, but she refused to punish him. I forced her to by threatening to tell Mr. Stoker. That's the other thing she was mad at me for."
"Oh... I'm sorry. You got punished for upholding the rules. So what did he do that you arrested him for?"
Kyle shook with horror just thinking of it again. "He and two companions stabbed an entire family of innocents to death. Their father reported him for cheating at a video game."
"That's horrible. It's a good thing we have the police to protect us from people like that."
"Yeah. Me and a friend are planning to join the force."
"Nice. But you'll need to learn to follow orders a little better."
Kyle rolled his eyes. "Maybe so. But you need to learn to follow your conscience better." Priscilla rolled her eyes back.