Priscilla frowned at Kyle's move. The game seemed to be turning in his favor no matter what she tried. "So did you ever visit Jane and try to talk her out of revolution?" she said as she contemplated her response.
"No. Apparently she escaped the night we talked about it. Took a bunch of other prisoners with her. Including Sid."
Priscilla shook with horror. "Oh no... she's going to do it, isn't she? Start a war against the forces of law and order. This is terrible..."
"You sound more worried about Jane getting free than Sid."
"At least Sid isn't going to try to take down the government."
"Priscilla, he's a shameless murderer. Jane isn't evil; she's just misguided."
"That's worse," Priscilla said, making a move. "At least someone like Sid isn't going to convert others to the cause of murderer-ism. Jane is poisonous to those around her. She had a friend with her when she assaulted the cop, you know. How long until she turns a third person into a crazed revolutionary like herself?"
"She might be more of a threat to the government, but at least she doesn't kill innocents."
"Are police not 'innocents' to you?"
Kyle made a move. It seemed like an obvious mistake to Priscilla. Was the conversation distracting him, or was she missing something? "You didn't say anything about her killing the cop she attacked."
"She killed guards during the escape though."
"Well that's understandable. They were an immediate threat to her."
"Only because she was breaking the law! That doesn't give her a free pass to kill the people who keep order in this city!"
"I know, I know. I'm not defending Jane's actions. But Sid killed people who weren't attacking him. Jane hasn't initiated violence as far as I know. I do suspect there was a reason for assaulting that cop that you didn't tell me."
Priscilla made a move to exploit Kyle's apparent mistake. She could tell from his face that it was indeed an oversight. "She would argue she was defending an innocent person from him, but it was more like putting an innocent person in danger when that cop was trying to protect her. There was this little girl out alone at night that the cop was trying to take home for her own safety, and Jane attacked him for it."
"Against the kid's will?" Kyle said.
"Well yeah obviously. But -"
"Oh!" Kyle said. "Well that changes everything. She's not nearly as bad as you made her out to be. And you and Lindsey imprisoned her for that?"
"She broke the law, Kyle. Besides, she was a dangerous revolutionary and we knew it."
"Still, I'm sure you could have found a diplomatic solution. I probably could have talked her out of starting a revolution given enough time, but you and Lindsey probably pushed her over the edge. It won't be entirely her fault when it starts now."
Priscilla was getting worried about Kyle. He had good intentions, but good intentions didn't matter if you had bad actions, and he kept defending unlawful behavior. His conscience was in grave danger of leading him down the wrong path.