Considering saying something makes you wiser

A rather interesting truth I learned from my late teenage years, especially from making this website, is that considering saying something makes you wiser.

I'd written several articles on Protagonism on my own computer, in preparation for the day I'd finally put up the website. I thought they were decent. But when I was about to put it up... I realized they were kinda shit. Many of the ideas I had, I believed them sincerely but I wouldn't blame someone for thinking they were crazy. I imagined other people's reactions more vividly than it was possible to until then. Even if the ideas had seemed solid and obviously correct to me before, just *considering* saying them to other people made me realize some parts that couldn't be right.


Since then, and even before then in retrospect, I've experienced that when I write something important to me, the anxiety of being about to send it causes me to become wiser.


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