If you want to message me privately, you can PM me on reddit (u/Yujiri) or email me at rlwestlund@gmail.com.

If you can be bothered, it would be really cool if you'd encrypt and/or sign the message using OpenPGP. My pubkey is here. I don't have much experience with encryption and I'd like to try it out; I can't be confident that I'm using it right until I use it.

Also, if the content I make has been valuable to you, please consider donating with Paypal, or if another way would be easier for you, let me know and I'll see if I can make it available.

Return To The Portrait costed me $791 just in flat cash to comission assets, and that's not counting the hundreds of hours I've spent on it. If I were paid $8 an hour, the total opportunity cost of making it has been probably tens of thousands of dollars.

Of course that's not counting the value of what I've learned from it, but when you factor in opportunity cost that too becomes negative since I already knew Python and probably won't ever make another VN with Renpy (RTTP taught me to hate it). I could have learned a lot more a lot faster by not making RTTP.

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