A feeling I've become intimately familiar with through my quest for exposure is that I wear a different mask in each circle. Every community calls for a different demeanor. Sometimes it makes me feel a bit inauthentic.

For example, on dev.to I play to the "friendly" "inclusive" community spirit. I avoid swearing, and in some of my posts, like the one on testing, I faintly invoke a victim persona, since I know how much leftists worship perceived victims (and dev.to is one of the most leftist platforms I've seen). I slightly exaggerated the extent to which I've felt afraid to express this opinion (it's not all made up though), and made a comment I wouldn't have made on here about the quote from the Django dev.

My first experience with this was when I wrote Prismata guides. I completely dropped the rowdy personality I'd picked up in the Prismata community (much of it influence from Punf) and tried to take on the "enthusiastic welcoming teacher" persona. I didn't do it very well at first (for one thing, I wrote much too formally), but the persona difference remained after I edited that section a bit. I do this same thing in my Unix and Python tutorial tracks.

In the early days of this site on the Protagonism section I wrote like the "renegade telling you the meaning of life and how evil you are for not following it". That was the most authentic I'd been at the time. I've gained a lot of wisdom since, and revised a lot of the articles to be better presented, but I still think about how different they must seem. What's it like for someone who was learning Prismata or Python from me and happens to click over there and think I'm insane? I don't think I can ever know the feeling, due to how much experience I have believing "radical" ideologies myself and encountering them in others.

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