This is sort of an informal draft.

Legal name: Ryan Westlund


PGP key: 8D8E70D0BBD08947

Github: yujiri8


Technologies and Frameworks


Awningtracker - paid intern, May 2018 - present - website architect and sysadmin

Site uses FastAPI, SQLAlchemy and Lit-Element.

Return To The Portrait (Doki Doki Literature Club fan game) - March 2019 - April 2020

Nonlinear visual novel; estimated 8 hours of playtime.

MC's Revenge (Doki Doki Literature Club fan game) - 2018

Project was abandoned by firelightning13. I continued it with permission.

My first experience with Renpy or visual novel development. Nonlinear; estimated 4 hours of content.

Open source contributions

Human Languages

Other projects


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