Ryan Westlund, Software Developer in Charlotte, North Carolina

I am a versatile software developer with a wide variety of skills and a passion for learning more. I have experience developing commercial web applications, open-source software and visual novels.

Contact information:

Email: rlwestlund@gmail.com Phone number (not preferred): 704-617-7738 Matrix: @yujiri:tchncs.de Github: yujiri8

Technical Skills

Professional experience

Full-stack web developer at Awning Tracker, May 2018 - present

Responsibilities: Write code for the Awning Tracker web application. Debug, refactor, and design and implement new features.

Contractor for Annova LLC, August 2021

Enhanced company's website with a stock price graph that automatically downloades new price data and updates itself.

Non-commercial projects

Didact, 2019 - present

Sole creator of an open-source CMS aimed at maximum flexibility. Features a sophisticated comment system, customizable notifications, and extremely good performance.

Doki Doki Literature Club fan games - 2018 - April 2020

Wrote, developed and released two nonlinear visual novels featuring 12 hours of playtime. Hired artists and a musician to bring the projects to life and each earned a positive reception from the community.

Notable free software contributions

Human Languages


Mostly self-taught. I took some college courses, but dropped out before pursuing a degree to study on my own.

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