That's right, I'm a musician too! (Or more accurately, I was.) Admittedly not very good, but I've written a few things I'm proud of.

A New Hope In The Lands Of Snow

Okay, I know the title is kinda a ripoff of Star Wars, but it fits the piece, right?

Exhilarating Victory

This one is just a generic victory theme I made.

Canticle Of Ice

This one originated as a tribute to my first novel, Odyssey Of The Elements. I was planning to make a song for each of the eight elements, but this was the only one to get finished before I scrapped the novel. Ice was the element of Stolidity.

An Epic Struggle

This one is probably the oldest one on the list, surprisingly. It was intended to be the boss fight music for a sort of a now-abandoned JRPG I was making several years ago about another now-abandoned novel, The Black Wars.

An Epic Confrontation

This one was going to be played in pre-boss fight conversations and such.

The Pensive Warrior

And here we have the Yellow Punishers' peacetime theme from The Black Wars. In that story, there were six warring factions, each associated with a color - the Black Knights, the White Guards, the Yellow Punishers, the Green Serpents, the Red Slayers, and the Blue Mediators.

The Way Of Peace

The Blue Mediators' peacetime theme.

The Enemy Draws Near To The Mountain Stronghold

This one and the seven following were part of a Dungeon Synth album I made after being inspired by the work of artists like Erang in that genre. I'm more embarrassed than proud about most of these, but I thought I'd post them anyway.

Meditating In The Mountain Stronghold

The two Mountain Stronghold tracks were inspired by an experience I had many years ago while playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I was walking on a mountain range in a blizzard, heading back to Frostcrag Spire after an adventure to deposit my spoils, and as I gazed off into the distance I began to have this inspiration. Frostcrag Spire represented the Mountain Stronghold.

Chronicle Of Snow And Tears

If you're going to make fun of the title, you can piss off, okay?

Tale Of A War-Torn Land

Silence And Sadness

Unfortunately my speakers distort the sound on this one :( I hope they don't on yours.

Epic Venture Into The Retro Dungeon

A Retro Memory

Running Out Of Time