Greetings, swarmwielder. You are very skilled. And by you, I meant me. In a moment, you'll be saying the following: I learned something there.

To my own sorrow, I'm not an active player anymore, as I no longer have the time to stay into a competitive game. I still have the utmost respect for Prismata and so I decided to use my knowledge as a former 2100 player (#2 on leaderboard at my peak) to help train new players. I hope that by making these guides I can reduce the number of new players who drop Prismata.


An introduction to the math behind Prismata

Some efficiency figures on (almost) every unit in the game (recommended to read the above first so you know what these numbers mean)

Set reading examples

Except where otherwise noted, these articles have not been updated to reflect the latest balance patch. They're also the least reliable; I wrote most of them when I was a good bit weaker than I was at the end of my day.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5

Example 6

Example 7

Example 8

Example 9

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