Yujiri's Prismata set analysis 8


Mahar Rectifier

A 5 HP absorber is what we've got here, which signals high-economy unless something can rush it down. But wait, there's another 5 HP absorber.

Doomed Mech

Is this better or worse than absorbing on Rectifiers? In a vacuum, honestly I don't know. But let's look at the rest of the set. Maybe we'll find something that makes one color more desirable than the other.

Plexo Cell

Here we are: the most efficient soak in the game. Normally you still get blue in Plexo Cell games, but that's because blue usually has the best absorb. In this blue and green both have a 5 HP absorber. That means we can and should forgo blue and absorb on Rectifiers, because in this set green buys better soak than blue. This also raises the optimal economy size because it makes attackers less efficient.


A medium-strength random set attacker, Electrovore is particularly well-suited to rushing. Mahar is clunky and non-prompt, so maybe Electrovore can rush it down?

Apparently not. I analyzed it quite a bit and you can still win vs a Vore rush by going 3rd Engi. You might have to pick up a Blastforge just to get faster access to absorb, which isn't what you want, but it's not too big of a price to pay. Meanwhile the Vore rush player is stuck on a low economy with barely any absorb of their own and no red support units. With something like Perforator or Blood Phage in the set, I would be worried about Mahar getting rushed down, but Vore alone can't do it.


Manticore supports heavy blue tech by being a surprisingly efficient attacker to buy when you already have Steelsplitters laying around. This might make Doomed Mech better relative to Mahar Rectifier, but there's no way it overpowers Plexo Cell - green is still by far the better color, so we'll stick to Mahar.


Sentinel is a relatively weak train attacker, but we're already on green red tech, and more importantly, it combos with Electrovore, which we already wanted at least a few of. When you have a ton of Sentinels on rotation, you can support many more Electrovores at once without having to go too far out of your way to keep them firing.

Venge Cannon

Another green attacker. This unit mostly exists as a breachproof enabler, since you can convert all your Drones to 9 HP stuff and then sink green with Venge clicks. It's even a common strategy to go for a breachproof with nothing but Venge Cannon supporting it. But when the defending player has access to amazing soak like Plexo Cell, it seems very unlikely that breachproof will get there - breachproof is normally justified because breachproof attackers are more efficient resource-to-HP conversion than the soak you have to buy if you defend. With Plexo Cell, that isn't the case.

That doesn't mean the unit is completely useless. You might still want to buy it if somehow you end up with extra green and you don't need defense. But it's definitely not a key unit this set.

Arms Race

The last unit... and it's an efficient attacker that's great in high-econ. Unfortunately, Arms Race has some downsides this set. For one thing, it requires blue, and blue is strictly worse than green here. For another, it gives your opponent Engineers. That doesn't seem like such a bright idea in an Electrovore set: they won't even need Sentinels for a while. They can just spam Vores as 4R Fast Tarsiers and crush you. So I don't recommend going for Arms Race.

So there you go. It's a high-econ set due to Mahar's 5HP absorb and Plexo's amazing soaking ability, with Electrovore and Sentinel as a combo to form the backbone of your offense. Still, you'll probably need at least a couple of Tarsiers behind that, and it's also good if you manage to find yourself in a position where you can buy a Mahar Rectifier without wasting red - they're not such bad attackers when you have the resources for them.

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