Yujiri's Prismata set analysis 9


Urban Sentry

Hey look, it's one of the new units! I'm sorry I didn't make some articles featuring these sooner, I just kinda stopped making them. Anyway, Urban Sentry is a convenient absorber that's slightly better than Wall. Since it's also a vigilant blocker, it fills basically all the same roles as Xeno Guardian.


Another new unit, Valkyrion is rather interesting. It's unimpressive on a graph - barely more efficient than Tarsier despite its cost - but the unit's true strength is that the Barriers you give to your enemy can often be exploited. This is easiest when you have units like Thermite Core, Bloodrager, Cryo Ray, etc, but even without support Valkyrion can often get at least one small exploit: if you open with this and your opponent buys a Wall, then you click this and buy Tarsiers, they will have four absorb available next turn. So, you hold Valkyrion and deal 1 or less damage into their absorb. Unfortunately, since you probably end up buying at least some other attackers, it's unlikely you can get more than one exploit with Valkyrion by itself, which means it usually isn't enough to justify tech for it that we didn't already want. Valkyrion also isn't bad as an absorber compared to Wall (like Lancetooth). However, this set has Urban Sentry, so we'll probably never want to hold Valkyrion purely for tempo.

Mobile Animus

Okay, so maybe I went a little ham on the new units this time. This is a slight combo with Valkyrion. It allows you to get the one red you need without committing you to a second. This helps, but usually isn't enough by itself to make Valkyrion beat other strong random set attackers.


Aaand here's another strong random set attacker. It's especially strong when there's no good soak, which is true of this set. This is almost certainly better than Valkyrion + Mobile Animus.

Asteri Cannon

This is a very strong attacker on a graph, but it's also extremely clunky. Without a strong high-econ enabler, I doubt it will beat Plasmafier. It's also a very good breachproof unit, but to go breachproof you need more than just breachproof attack; you need something to convert your Drones into.

Trinity Drone

Aaand here we are. A breachproof econ unit that we can convert all of our Drones into. Trinity + Asteri is a powerful breachproof combo, and this set has only a medium-weak absorber and no prompt soak. That makes breachproof look extremely attractive here, especially since it's a counter to both Valkyrion and Plasmafier - Valkyrion needs to get exploits to be good, which is hard if the opponent has no absorb to back up the Barriers; and Plasmafier is a high-pressure unit that's not so great when BV is extremely low, like against breachproof.


Savior is an interesting unit. It provides insane value in the long-term, but leaves you vulnerable while it's building. If you build it and your opponent doesn't rush, you will be able to buy out the entire supply of double value Drones and steamroll them with an unstoppable economy and gaining 4 constant damage per turn. If the opponent rushes you though, you might have to spend all of your resources on defense while it's building and then the payoff won't be big enough to compensate for the lost Drones. Therefore, normally Savior needs some sort of strong defense to be viable. Urban Sentry is a decent absorber but doesn't really help Savior that much because you're not looking for an attacker while Savior is building; you'd rather have Infusion Grid.


Here's a nice defensive unit that might help enable Savior. Shredder is a strong source of non-prompt soak and extends Wall supply tremendously. True, it's somewhat countered by breachproof, because part of its efficiency is the threat it provides which is useless against breachproof, but it's still just like an Infusion Grid minus the absorb, which isn't too bad.

Iceblade Golem

Unfortunately for Savior, the last unit is Iceblade Golem. This is a hard counter to savior if I ever saw one. Iceblade is actually a pretty efficient attacker when the Frontline drawback isn't relevant (which it won't be against Savior because all they can do while it's building is buy defense and after that we'll just go breachproof with Trinity Drones). And the constant freeze will be able to get tons of exploits by freezing Engineers or absorb denial by freezing all the Walls. So I'd say scratch Savior.

So so far where we're at with this set is breachproof Asteri versus breachproof Iceblades. I shouldn't have to tell you which one of those will beat the other. So there's my analysis: it's a breachproof Asteri Cannon game. Just remember to keep an eye out for your enemy going Savior and maybe transition to Iceblades if they do.

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