Full list of balance changes I advocate

Units I definitely want changed



8GGB. This reverts the nerf it got two patches ago. The old Redeemer was fun and balanced, the new one is unnecessarily weak.


7GG. I don't think Aegis serves as as strong an incentive to get tech as I'd like to see. Mathematically speaking, Aegis is less efficient than Polywall, which I think is kinda silly since green is the color that's supposed to have the best soak according to Elyot, not to mention Polywall doubles as an absorber.


6GGGB. 7GGB might be a little too much. I'll say again that green is supposed to have the best soak in the game (it has neither the best attack nor the best absorb so this makes sense). Nevertheless Chieftain is less efficient than Shredder, which is less efficient than Hannibull (a red unit!). Now Chieftain may have some advantages over Shredder and Bull, but I think at least Shredder has more, so let's count them.

  1. Chieftain can block early in an emergency.
  2. Chieftain can be used an absorber instead if it's convenient.

That's all for Chieftain. Shredder:

  1. More convenient cost.
  2. Isn't a lifespan unit, and therefore isn't weak against chill.
  3. Has less HP, and so is easier to get full value out of.

As for Bull, it has:

  1. Is partially vigilant, and thus counters chill.
  2. Can be used as a rush unit in addition to its role as late-game soak.

Hannibull also has the disadvantage of being only 4-supply, but come on it's a red unit. With a buff to 6GGGB, Chieftain is still worse than Hannibull at > old Blood Phage inflation, and meets Shredder just after Hellhound inflation. So hopefully I've convinced you that 6GGGB Chieftain might be more fun to play with than 8GGB.

Iso Kronus

6 HP. The unit is pretty mediocre, being often a worse attacker than Tarsier. My change makes a very small difference in strength, but could help out significantly in breachproof games and makes the decision of when to kill this vs Gauss Cannon a lot more interesting.



I'm not sure what to do with this unit, but someone pls explain to me why it's okay to have strict dominance in Prismata. (Blah blah blah it's not technically strict dominance because it costs a Blastforge. Sure, but it has the same problem - it's not an interesting decision whether to buy Steelforge or Blastforge.)

Flame Animus

6B. As it is Flame Animus by itself is a strong reason to get red. That seems kinda stupid to me. Synthesizer is never a reason to get green, and even Steelforge - which I want nerfed - is almost never a reason to get heavy blue. But I've been doing some analysis and I think that Flame Animus beats Tantalum Ray in base + 2. Isn't that a little stupid?

Cryo Ray

2 HP, 20 supply. I haven't gotten around to doing any math to show how broken this unit is, but the comparison to Gauss Charge is just sad. Cryo Ray does one damage for the same cost, except each couple Cryos can perform up to two exploits, not to mention it counters lifespan. I think at 2 HP it's still pretty decent.


13GGGB. At present the unit is more efficient than Shadowfang at high inflation. And beats every red attacker except Grimbotch (I don't remember if it beat Grimbotch) in base + 2, which isn't even Plasmafier's arena (because it's hard to buy in low econ and you'll still be using Splitters and Cannons to fill out your attack). 13GGGB might be a little weak, but still more efficient than old (8GGB) Redeemer so I think it'd probably be fine.

Redesigns and insignificant changes


Legendary. Basically just for flavor reasons. I think a unit this unique should be legendary if it doesn't change the playing experience at all (which it barely does).

Deadeye Operative

4BB infinite stamina, sets Drones to exhaust 4 instead of killing them. 3 HP. This redesign was suggested by Arkanishu a long time ago. The problem with the current Deadeye is that it's one of the more complex units in the game, yet it creates absolutely no decisions in its use. Once you and your opponent decide to play a Deadeye mirror, you know exactly what you're going to do for the next 4 turns: 1 shift-D. It takes no thought. This redesign adds an interesting decision: when to sac it. Since it never runs out of Stamina, you will eventually have to stop clicking it and give your opponent their Drones back to get the BV.

Cluster Bolt

I have no idea what I want done with this unit, but I'm sure I want it changed somehow. The problem isn't really balance, which I why I didn't put it under nerfs, it's the degeneracy. Cluster Bolt all-in with no other breachproof support can actually be a legimitate strategy against red rush, and I just think that's really stupid. Blah blah blah you can beat it easily with SG. That doesn't mean it isn't a problem because sometimes the otherwise optimal strategy locks out of the counter to Cluster Bolt before the opponent locks out of Cluster Bolt. For example, if the set is otherwise a red rush set, you might have a situation where p1 needs to go Elyot Animus to have a chance against Fastimus, but Elyot Animus loses to Cluster.

Units I'm ambivalent about


There are several things I hate about this unit. One is that it makes nearly all the good attackers in the game unplayable, and I like games with good attackers. Good attackers feel good to buy. Another is that the things it counters seem artificial rather than emergent. I feel like it could say "click: destroy a red unit" and that wouldn't be much different. Finally, there's the problem that since permanent attackers are usually the best thing to snipe with it, Apollo games can drag on in these endless stalemates sometimes where nobody can get enough permanent attack to win because you keep losing them to Apollo. I had a game a while back that was a perfect example of this but unfortunately I don't have the replay code. It was so miserable that at the end of the game I emoted "That was an awesome game" - "Kappa". Nevertheless, I do respect that Apollo creates some pretty interesting decisions in some games, which is why I'm ambivalent about it.

Thorium Dynamo

The problem with this unit is that it restricts players' build choices too much. In 90%+ of Thorium games p1 has no choice but to open DD/1D/DD and p2 has no choice but to open DD/11/D (kinda like Zemora). This takes the skill (and by extension the fun) out of the opening. Also, I think it might be a little too good. There were games where you didn't want to buy old Wild Drone, but when was the last time you saw a set where it was correct to skip Thorium?

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