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If you've read my math article but don't feel like doing all the calculations you're curious about on every unit in the game, or you were interested but didn't have the math skills to really understand what I was saying, or if you just want to check your calculations, here is the page for you. Below I'll dump all the math data I have on every unit in the game. Just note that I am also not infallible and it's possible some of my numbers are wrong, so if you find a conflict between yours and mine and you check yours and it seems good, let me know. (Also, these figures were all calculated at a BV of 2.3 and rounded to 2 decimal places. They also assume that attackers force out real defense as soon as they start attacking, that attacker/defenders like Mahar are used purely as attackers, that lifespan defenders get full value, etc.)

Inflation of all permanent units (recursive unless otherwise stated)

Econ units

Basic attackers

Red units

Green units

Blue units

Red-Green units

Blue-Red units

Green-Blue units

Tricolor units

Tech buildings

Some miscellaneous data

Some %value comparisons with temporary units included

At Drone inflation, the following units are worth the following percent of their cost (absorber trains like Doomed Mech only defend on their last turn):

At Tarsier inflation:

At Hellhound inflation:


Compared to the reference BV I use, which is 2.3.


At Drone inflation:

At Tarsier inflation:

At Hellhound inflation:

At Shadowfang inflation:

If there's anything interesting I left out, leave a comment.

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