We ideologues differ not only on what's righteous but also on the relative importance of issues. In my anarchism rater, a question asks if you feel more allied with an anarchist of opposite cultural persuasion or a statist of similar cultural persuasion, and you lose points for picking the statist.

It's not that I'm a "thin libertarian"; I absolutely have stances on these issues. And in fact I think it's true that the statist is more likely to eventually convert than the bigot or degenerate. But I still think the gap in importance is so vast that the right answer is the bigot or degenerate, and I'm making this article in the hopes of convincing progressive anarchists to see it that way.

I think a lot of progressives think that bigots want LGBT people to suffer. This is false. The vast majority of bigots don't have your suffering as an intrinsic value, and probably have it as a negative one. And I realize most of them are in bad faith, act like assholes and you've probably had bad experiences with them. But most of them aren't sadistic. Also, most of them were taught those beliefs as children, so you have to give them some slack. Leaving the religion you were raised with is very hard especially since it probably teaches that entertaining doubts against it is by itself a sin. It takes a lot of courage to overcome that indoctrination. I'm speaking as someone who did.

Second, even outside of religion, there are understandable reasons for some of it. I used to think being transgender was wrong because I thought that it came from a failure to separate personality from sex; I don't believe in gender roles and didn't understand why someone would want to change their gender if they didn't either. I didn't understand how gender dysphoria works. I'm not trying to completely absolve myself because I was wrong to hold such a confident opinion without having done much research, but I changed my mind when I was proven wrong.

Third, you can coexist peacefully with them. A paleolibertarian will never stab you for being trans. Hell, there are some self-claimed "right-wing anarchists" like Nullus Maximus who I'd even agree are not anarchists and are even fascists, but still have no intention to aggress against you over it.

An SJW democrat, however, will vote for the woman who destroyed lives over weed and sex. Call her an icon of social justice just because she's black. Call the stormtroopers on you if you break the law. They want to force you to follow the laws they want, pay the taxes they want, and force your kids into slave indoctrination camps. You can't coexist peacefully with them unless you're holding the power.

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