The "AnArChY wOnT WoRk BeCaUsE tHeRe ArE nO hIsToRiCaL eXaMpLeS!" argument is not only an appeal to tradition fallacy and creates a self-fulfilling prophecy, it's also a complete boomerang like every other argument against Anarchism.

If you want to argue Anarchy has never been tried, then it has never failed just as much as it has never succeeded. Anarchy has a neutral track record. All forms of government that have been tried have 100% failure track records. How many times has democracy, or republic, or any other form of goverment, been tried? Can anyone name a single example that did NOT turn totalitarian even by a statist's judgement and spill enormous amounts of innocent blood?

American conservatives are likely to argue: "America worked well, at least at first". Let's assume it's valid to argue that because there was a democracy that started out well before turning increasingly oppressive, therefore democracy works. Let's disregard the fact that that would still be an argument for anarchism because if true it shows even a well-founded minarchist country turning oppressive. At what point in time was America ever a country of justice and liberty?

Was it the first hundred years, when the law upheld slavery, and women weren't allowed to vote in much of the country?

Was it the years when the American government forced thousands of indigenous people to give up their homes?

Was it the years where America fought a war against itself and killed hundreds of thousands of American citizens?

Was it the years a while after that, when racial segregation was enforced by law?

Is it the more modern years, when government regulation increasingly burdens the economy and has turned it into an outright corporatist "market" where the government funds businesses they like with billions of dollars extorted from taxpayers and then use the claim that these corporations are still "private businesses" to justify their acts of political censorship? (That last link is Youtube's community guidelines. I don't even need a specific example; they outright say they'll censor content that criticizes lifestyle choices they feel defensive about.)

America was never a country of justice or liberty. It's been a horror show all along. Constitution-worshipping conservatives need to drop their delusions.

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