On 2020 January 16, I found out about circumcision. I'd heard of it before, but assumed it was something everyone knew was barbaric and that was only done in middle-eastern countries, or at least that they made sure to do it with anesthesia. If I'm being honest, my biggest motive for not looking into it was fear of finding out the truth.


No. They don't use anesthesia. Not close to always, at least. They sexually assault and torture baby boys.

As if anesthesia would even make this okay. It's sexual assault to cut someone else's genitals. And the claimed medical benefits? Yeah, not a very convincing argument when you look at all the European countries that don't do this.

It's impossible for me to know how often this actually happens, because I've read a lot of statistics and they're all inconsistent. That Counter Arguments video said 77% of men in the US are circumcized. I have no way of knowing if that's true, but it does seem probable. I read from somewhere else I don't remember that 45% of doctors reported using anesthesia.

The comments on the middle video up there were a little saner. There were people telling him he belongs in jail, and this is the one who confessed. If that man belongs in jail, what do the ones who don't confess deserve? The ones who've done it dozens of times and lied to the parents about it? The ones who continue to make excuses for sexually assaulting and torturing children?

When I do research on this, sometimes I can't stop shaking. I don't want to think about it ever again. Ignorance is bliss. It really was. But now that I know, I'll never be able to forget. Probably the world won't even be rid of it in my lifetime.

One of the craziest things about this is how few people mention it. I was literally 21 before I found out what this is. If there was ever a conspiracy of silence, this sure is one. No one tells you about this. No one involved wants people to know how evil they are, so they lie and hide it. The least I can do is spread awareness.

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