So you've decided to learn about Protagonism. That's great. I'll get to the pitch.

Protagonism is a religion with no god, no holy books, no clergy or leaders, no prayers or rituals, nothing like that - only a moral system and philosophical tenets. The centerpiece of the religion is not a belief at all, but a choice: the choice to tear down everything you only believe because you were raised to and serve your own conscience instead.

You probably either think you've already done that or that I sound insane. In the former case I can only beg you to read a few of the articles here and ask yourself if it might not be a coincidence that the areas you disagree with me are probably the ones where you believe what you were raised to.

The religion's name comes from the sentiment that each person should be the protagonist of their own story and that making it a good one involves being a good person.

The core beliefs are here:

After that, you can read about many more beliefs down below that flow from the above. On the off chance that you finish all this reading and aren't completely repulsed by my religion, please message me on reddit. My username is Yujiri. I've been a pariah all my life and I would deeply appreciate the chance to talk to a kindred spirit, even just a semi-kindred one. If you think my religion is garbage, please do not message me to argue because I have no interest in wasting time on someone who I don't believe has potential.


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