There's a common notion in the minds of idiots that if a practice is clearly foolish then it should be forbidden. This crops up especially in politics: not wearing your seatbelt is dangerous so it should be illegal, not evacuating your house when there's a hurricane coming is stupid so it should be illegal, houses that don't meet certain safety standards are dangerous so building them should be illegal, etc. But everyone who makes arguments like this is forgetting what the word "required" entails. If you want to require someone to do something, there are two ways to do it. Either you literally force them (they're physically incapable of defying you), which is impractical in all of the above situations; or you punish them when they do defy you, so that they stop doing it. The latter method, of course, is how all governments operate. But if you actually think about that for one second you realize you're trying to justify initiating violence against an innocent person. Unless you'd like to argue that it's morally evil to not wear your seatbelt, or to build an unsafe house and sell it on the free market, even if you make it clear to your customers that the house doesn't meet the government safety standards - in such a way that they should be punished with violence? Yeah, didn't think so. So stop fucking voting for innocent people to be put in cages in the name of "safety".

(I would credit, but I can't find who made that)