"Harm" or "hurt" are deceptive words. They lend themselves to the impression that causing physical pain or damage to someone is a violation of their rights while invading their bodily space, touching them in non-injurious ways without their consent, "playfully" interfering with their use of their property, refusing to leave them in peace when they're in their own territory minding their own business, lying to them or taking their freedom of movement is somehow not a violation or is a lesser violation, because it doesn't "hurt" them.

This of course is absurd to a good person, because good people value their freedom, power (of which information is a form) and sovereignty over their own body and property more than their protection from physical pain.

I think we should try to use words like "infringe" or "violate" more often in place of harm/hurt. They don't carry this propagandic connotation.