So I've talked about the four tiers of human experience - pleasure/pain, happiness/sadness, fun/boredom and Fuiki/guilt. I gave the implication that each one is triggered by an event. However, for the first three, there's more to it than that. In particular there are two sort of "spin-offs" of each of the positive and negative feelings.

The first is anticipatory feelings. For example, you feel fear when you think you are soon to experience pain, sadness or boredom (although it doesn't really work with boredom in practice because it's such a gradual thing whereas pain and sadness can be triggered very sharply without any buildup). On the flipside, you feel excitement when you expect pleasure, happiness or fun to come your way in the near future.

The other spin-off is subverted emotions. If you expect that you're going to experience great pain, and then you don't, you will experience something that is different from sensory pleasure. This is called relief. There's also disappointment for the subversion of positive expectations.