Do you believe that power corrupts people? Probably. Most people in this world do... unfortunately. Look, people have free will. The choice of allegiance is ours. Nothing can make it for us. In fact, we goodguys have a duty to pursue power and get as much of it as we can because without it we can't do any good for the world. In real life, it's not the badguys that are power hungry. It's the goodguys. Because badguys, contrary to how they're portrayed in modern fiction, don't care about corrupting the world as goodguys do about purifying it. This is because of the difference in the feelings they pursue (see the Centerpiece of Protagonism page): goodguys are after Fuiki, and they get that by fighting for notions like Justice and Liberty in the world around them. But badguys are after pleasure, and that's just a sensation that has nothing to do with the world at large. So (100% evil) badguys don't care about power except insofar as it's power over their environment. Power over the world at large, on the other hand, is meaningless to badguys, gold dust to goodguys. And no, it doesn't corrupt you.

Note that the same thing applies to knowledge. You should never pass an opportunity to learn something at zero cost and zero risk. Even sensitive information, like someone else's password, you might as well ascertain if you can, because knowledge in the hands of a good person is strictly beneficial to the forces of good. You never know what might come up. At worst, the information will never be useful.

Also, if you're a christian, it is rather inconsistent for you to believe that power corrupts people since you believe that there is a being in which infinite goodness coincides with infinite power.