If you've read my article on the soul, one objection you might have is the existence of sleep. I claimed the soul is its own being that does not need the body to exist and be conscious, and also that it was an indivisible entity. But consciousness seems essential to at least some of the mind's faculties, such as thought, emotion and free will. So how can the soul retain its existence while many of its essential, inseperable parts are missing? Don't worry, I've got an answer for you.

Basically, time isn't what you think it is. I used to think time was some sort of continuum where all things can interact on equal ground (ie. time is objective and the same for everyone). Rather, time is simply a system of causal dependance, where events can modify the field to alter the basis for other events (sorry if I'm not explaining this well). The present world depends on decisions made in the past, and the state of the present may affect decisions we make in the present, but never vice versa. That's all time means.

In my previous model of time, time was the same for everyone and so us being "out of the field" for a few hours required us to cease consciousness for those few hours. With this model, time need not be the same for everyone. Instead, when we fall asleep we simply "skip ahead" to a few hours later while the other souls and the universe continue to operate. At the time of the soul's return, everything else has progressed while the sleeping soul just skipped a couple rounds of the game and was never from its own perspective "unconscious".

Well, actually this model is a simplification. It doesn't account for the existence of dreams. If our memories are to be trusted, we at least sometimes have experiences while our bodies are asleep, and there are a million questions you could ask about how that works. I'm going to admit that I don't have the answers. It doesn't seem to cause any immediate problem for my worldview though, so whatever. Now on to the next question.

So my worldview survived the problem of sleep existing. But can it explain how this phenomenon of the soul appears to be triggerable only when the body, a completely separate thing, is at rest?

Yes, actually it can. If you assert, as I do, that the physical world is not a true reality but merely an algorithm by which souls are allowed to influence each others' perceptions, and unconsciousness is not a real change of spiritual state but simply being outside of the algorithm for a time, and time is also not an absolute but just the way the algorithm synchronizes our interactions with other souls... then there is no question why a state of the universe can temporarily remove a soul from causal link with the universe. This is not a case of the physical directly affecting the spiritual. Only the physical affecting the way the spiritual can interact with the physical.