Do you think words like 'damn' or 'shit' are wrong to use, at least for/around children? If you don't then great, you've already learned this lesson and thrown off the indoctrination you likely took as a child. If you do, I bet you've never asked why. If you're one of those people that thinks it's only wrong for or around children then you're probably hopeless so I'll assume you think it's wrong for everyone. What is it about these words that makes them so? Words are there to communicate meaning, and since every meaning has a time when it needs to be communicated, no word is evil because of its meaning. Is it just because they're too strong then? Again, a word can't be evil just because of its intensity, because there are times when we need to communciate things very emphatically. Materialism, for instance, (replace this with some other belief if you haven't been convinced by my article on the soul) is so irrational and stupid that only some very strong words are fit to describe it. We should not simply call materialism bad; that does not do it justice. Materialism is... bullshit.

Did that make you cringe? If so I must urge you to try to get over it. We should not be afraid to call things what they are. If materialism really is such a terrible thing that polite language simply cannot describe it, then why not use the more extreme words? It took me time to learn as well. But I hope I've started you down the path to swearing.

Now this doesn't mean we should use profanity in every sentence like some people do. The usefulness of profanity is to convey things stronger than can be done with normal words, and if you use them too often, they start to lose their impact. It's wiser to use profanity sparingly so that we have access to extreme language when we need it.