Politics is a euphemism for morality

A common criticism of me is that I "care too much about about politics", or something like that. I break friendships over "political" disagreements, and supposedly this is wrong.

But actually any sane person would break a friendship over a sufficiently extreme political disagreement. Would you be friends with someone who voted for Hitler? Why not? Because of their "politics". You see, "political disagreement" is really a euphemism for "this person supports something evil". What *better* reason could there be to break a friendship than "politics"?

I refuse to be friends with people who support government, because that's evil.


You might say that's unreasonably strict, but it's only a difference of degree - to support government is by definition to support violence against innocent people. Besides, I've done a massive amount of trying to convert people away from this and other evil ideologies, and I don't want to spend my whole life on it. I choose to live surrounded by people with a sane moral compass - in other words, people that I "agree with politically".


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