Politics is a euphemism for morality

A common criticism of me is that I "care too much about about politics", or something like that. I break friendships over "political" disagreements, and supposedly this is wrong.

But actually any sane person would break a friendship over a sufficiently extreme political disagreement. Would you be friends with someone who voted for Hitler? Why not? Because of their "politics". You see, "political disagreement" is really a euphemism for "this person supports something evil". What *better* reason could there be to break a friendship than "politics"?

I refuse to be friends with people who support government, because that's evil.


You might say that's unreasonably strict, because unlike the nazi, someone could support government without being an evil person. Aside from people who were simply raised to believe in governemnt and never exposed to anarchism, it's only a difference of degree - to support government is by definition to support violence against innocent people. Besides, I've done a massive amount of trying to convert people away from this and other evil ideologies, and I don't want to spend my whole life on it. I choose to live surrounded by people with a sane moral compass - in other words, people that I "agree with politically".


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