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Review: A Brand New Day

A Brand New Day is a long mod where Monika doesn't kill the other girls and MC, who is starting to remember his past lives (similar to The Good Ending), tries to save all the girls from their various problems. I would recommend the mod only to someone who's finished all the better DDLC mods and really wants to play more of them.

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Cons (spoiler-free):

Bad excuses for lying

Why you should be an anarchist

Cons details (spoilers):

There's one last thing I need to mention. There's a release of "A Brand New Day day 12" around somewhere, but it's not a continuation of the story. It's at best a complete waste of your time and at worst a seriously scarring experience. Basically (I won't even spoiler it) the girls kidnap and horrifically torture MC to death, and then it's revealed that "got you - it's april fool's day". I couldn't keep going at a point and decompiled the scripts to see how long it went on.


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