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Review: Doki Doki Exit Music

Exit Music is a Doki Doki Literature Club mod that tries to be dark and edgy (and succeeds). It focuses on Natsuki and MC trying to protect her from her abusive father. I'd only recommend it to someone who's finished all the better DDLC mods and is willing to take a lot of bad to get more good.

The main objection I have to it is the way it smears Sayori and Yuri:

Despite these horrible flaws, the Natsuki drama is good, and the ending is good. It also has some good new music.


[1] When it's become clear to everyone that MC is in love with Natsuki, Sayori confronts him and tries to guilt him into ditching Natsuki in favor of her.

[2] sending MC pictures of her naked with his name carved into her skin, and at one point she's making physical advances toward MC and he has to threaten her to get her off him. And then there's the part where it's revealed she told Natsuki that MC had decided to ditch her in favor of Yuri, leading Natsuki to cut herself as well. It's an outright plothole that Natsuki believed her, let alone that she at first *didn't* believe *MC* when he told her it was a lie, and punched him.


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