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Fruits of the Literature Club is a DDLC mod I've seen extensive praise for. So I checked it out, and... yikes. I'm baffled that it has such a positive reputation.

I played for about 2 hours before I quit. The premise of the mod is the removal of the meta-canon (which is fine, not every mod has to deal with that) and a redesign of MC's background: he isn't Sayori's childhood friend, but moves into the area and gets recruited. Things the mod does particularly well:

Things it does particularly poorly:

The problem with this change is: they didn't really do it. MC only has this new personality in the scenes they added. Most of the club scenes from the original are pasted in with almost no changes, and MC's dialogue and behavior are jarringly inconsistent with his new personality and background.

MC: "Okay, I will join your club."
Sayori: "Really?!?"
MC: "No."

That's pure sadism. And she is still hellbent on getting this asshole to join her club. He goes on to explain that she needs to "learn to deal with rejection" (this idea is broken even harder when he reads Natsuki's first poem and still decides to "humor her", being dishonest to protect her pride). But of course, she eventually does convince him just by bugging him enough, because how else would the writers make their intended plot happen? Specifically she asks him to "at least wait for her club meeting to finish so he can walk her home". That's arguably an escalation! Now he's being asked to walk a girl home that he just met. But he accepts. This is a complete Recruitment Ex Machina; he's mentioned explicitly in the narration that "there's no reason I should get involved with her" and he has no cause to change his mind, especially given he has nothing to do while he's waiting for her. After that, she convinces him that if he's going to be waiting for her he might as well come hang out in the clubroom. This arrangement goes on for days until he finally decides he's effectively already a member and he might as well formally join.

I also hate how pretentiously the devs market it. The download page I read talked about how it will "completely reimagine the Literature Club", and that "All the characters you know and love will return", and that "Monika will not go ape shit" (if that's how you're describing what happened in the original game, that's already a bad sign).


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