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Review: Doki Doki New Eyes

Doki Doki New Eyes

New Eyes is a DDLC mod that explores Acts 1 and 2 from Yuri's perspective. While I have to say it's a lot less powerful than Rainclouds, the mod is still worth playing... if you have the stomach for it. I honestly didn't. That's how disturbing the self-harm scenes were. The third scene was so bad that I had to stop playing because I thought I was going to vomit. Well, part of it wasn't just the self-harm scene itself, but how lightly it's treated afterward. (Yuri cuts herself so badly that she *passes out*. And then just wakes up and doesn't like, need serious medical attention or anything. She actually *takes a shower* to "clean off all the blood". Putting hot water on open wounds... great idea... and then goes shopping.) I decompiled the script to read the rest of the story.

Rainclouds review

I want to say two things in the mod's favor, though:

There are several cool game file secrets, like its predecessor Rainclouds.

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