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Review: Doki Doki Rainclouds

Doki Doki Rainclouds

Rainclouds is a DDLC mod that explores Act 1 from Sayori's perspective. It does a good job portraying her depression and contains no egregious failures. I'd certainly recommend it to anyone interested in DDLC mods. That said I do have several criticisms.

Here's what you should have done for this scene: keep the online meeting; Monika and Sayori are text chatting and before they start work they get into some conversation about Sayori's depression. Monika may explain that she "figured it out" because it "was kind of obvious" and say "I'm really worried about you". The core of the scene would go like this (unattributed lines are narration):

Monika: "Have you considered killing yourself?" (Sayori has probably started thinking about it recently and was ashamed that such a thought would even occur to her.)
My heart stops. I blink, staring at the screen for a few seconds.
This can't be happening...
Monika, of all people?
Sayori: "Monika, please..." (Note the lack of any indignance. It shows how Sayori's already in such bad condition than she can't feel any anger at Monika for suggesting such a thing. She's almost lost the ability to judge anyone but herself.)
I'm shaking. Monika, you can't do this to me...
Monika: "I'm serious. If you're not enjoying your life and you don't think your friends are enjoying having you, why shouldn't you just go?"
My jaw drops.
Monika: "Isn't that just better for everyone?"
(Sayori screams, closes out of the chat application and runs away. Monika ends up doing the work by herself, and later tells Sayori "Don't worry about it. The final product is worse as a result but I'm sure it'll be okay." Sayori considers asking her to confirm that she meant what she said online, but is too afraid of the answer.)

Maybe that script needs some editing, but this could have been a *beautiful* scene. Instead Rainclouds mostly wasted it.

There are several cool game file secrets.

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