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Review: Doki Doki Salvation

Doki Doki Salvation is a Doki Doki Literature Club mod where MC decides to check on Sayori the night before the festival, and talks her out of hanging herself. Monika, meanwhile, has lost her ability to tamper with the game and is not happy about it.

The mod is mostly linear, and focuses on Sayori, but it's fair to all the girls. The ending is good and handles an intensely emotional scene better than most modders could.

Portraying extreme emotions in fiction

Also, slight content warning: this mod has a sex scene. It doesn't show anything lewd though, just makes it clear what's about to happen and then cuts to the next morning.

The mod is definitely good. In fact, it's hard to think of anything to criticize in this one! I can only think of two:

The other one is a major spoiler so I'll put it after my footer.


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the way the story punishes you if you don't forgive Monika is really, really stupid. It is totally unbelievable that Natsuki and Yuri left the club. That experience would have strengthened the bond between the club members enormously, but the writers just wanted to drop the anvil that not forgiving Monika is BAD, so they made the story bend over backwards and completely shatter to show you that. It's honestly the worst example of a shoehorned moral I've ever seen. In fairness, not forgiving Monika in that situation *is* a totally wrong and indefensible choice, so whatever. It's not that big a deal if the story breaks to push a true moral and it's only if you choose the evil ending.

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