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Review: Shattered Worlds: Blood Moon


Shattered Worlds: Episode 3: The Blood Moon Chapters: Chapter 1: Before, During And After The Stories (or a demo for it) is out now. And... I'm happy. I'm happy that this series went so far into the ground I don't have to feel attached to it anymore. I'll never waste another minute of my life playing a Shattered Worlds mod, or anything by Azrathas for that matter. I'm going to go through this pile of dog shit chronologically.

The melodrama in the opening text is disgusting.

You know, writer, we are mature individuals who do not need to be, and are not, scared by the villain being introduced in red text telling us how DARK and EVIL he is which we didn't already know because you named him Dr. Dark.

The opening scene is a trainwreck.

The opening scene shows Prime and Dark happy togther in an essential Garden of Eden.

He couldn't forget. But the writer could.

When the beings tell Prime about the prophecy

Prime falls into a cave and gets separated from Dark. He finds a magical stone and touches it and speaks to some beings represented by colored silhouettes of MC. They tell him about the prophecy that Dark will be destroyed and his end will bring about peace.

I remember sending Azrathas a DM following the release of Crimson Hearts where I expressed concern at the idea of a prophecy being the crux of his plot, given that it's incoherent. He told me he saw my point and that the prophecy "wasn't really going to matter much in the end". Now we see it's still the crux of the plot. Was I lied to? Does Azrathas have something up his sleeve? After all this, I'm not going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Stay away from time travel, please

It astonishes me how all of Azrathas's characters just treat it as a given that their friends should never know the truth about anything, like there's no concept of being honest with others by default. Honestly, I'd be surprised if this writer isn't a compulsive liar in real life, as he seems unable to create a character who isn't.

And the rest of this pile of manure...

Time is skipped, Prime and Dark are shown in a modern-like society. Dark is apparently a renowned scientist with multiple facilities under his control. Prime visits Dark and Dark tells him how he found Riyaso, Nikatsu, Riyu, and Akinom and how they became subjects at what he seems to be suggesting is some kind of mental "hospital".

Psychiatry is pseudoscience

Sayori is explained as having "multiple personality disorder". Oh fuck you Azrathas. That's not what the game established and you either know it or don't care. Later, Dark is shown speaking to the girls and explaining that he's going to move them to a facility where they'll be treated more like test subjects and less like patients.

Just what does Dark think experimenting on these girls is going to gain him, anyway? He heard a prophecy from some magical beings at least 15 years ago that he's destined to be destroyed (I'm not sure if it was just 15 or thousands?). Why would he think that experimenting on human girls will give him a way to change his supernatural destiny?


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