Fruits of the Literature Club is a DDLC mod I've seen extensive praise for and never once anyone criticize it. So, I checked it out, and... yikes. I'm baffled that it has such a positive reputation.

I played for about 2 hours or so before I quit. The premise of the mod is the removal of the meta-canon (which is fine, not every mod has to deal with that) and a redesign of MC's background: he isn't Sayori's childhood friend, but moves into the area and gets recruited. Things the mod does particularly well:

Things it does particularly poorly:

I also hate how pretentiously the devs market it. The download page I read talked about how it will "completely reimagine the Literature Club", and that "All the characters you know and love will return", and that "Monika will not go ape shit" (if that's how you're describing what happened in the original game, that's already a bad sign).

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