Doki Doki Rainclouds is a Doki Doki Literature Club mod that explores Act 1 from Sayori's perspective. It does a very good job portraying the characters accurately, unlike some other mods (*cough* Exit Music *cough* We Are The Literature Club *cough*), and it succeeds in being very emotional. The mod is definitely worth playing, however I do have three criticisms:

  1. None of your choices matter at all. A VN without choices is fine, but a VN that gives you choices and gives you the impression that it's going to matter only to reveal that all the options transpose fully in just a few lines is a little annoying.

  2. In Rainclouds, it's revealed that all the girls are actually only sharing their poems with MC, and not with each other (or at any rate not with Sayori). I get that it would've been a lot of extra writing to fix this, but it really breaks the believability.

  3. Finally, (this entire point is a spoiler) that there is no way to stop Sayori from committing suicide despite that she is now the player character sends the message that she didn't ultimately have a choice to resist the rainclouds. But that's not true. Monika couldn't have completely taken her free will, because free will is essential to personhood, and so if you accept that as canon then it would mean that Monika is right - that Sayori is not real. And believing that would defeat the point of the mod.

    It's worth noting that simply removing all the fake choices from the mod (see above) would have completely fixed this, since it would have erased the feeling that Sayori is "the player character" rather than just the POV character in a read-only story.

There are several cool game file secrets. The link to the full ARG solution is here (it's posted in CykaDev's discord server).