Shattered Worlds: Episode 2: Part 2: Hope For Change is out now and I just played it. The Shattered Worlds mods have always been mixed bags, with huge upsides and huge downsides, and this is no exception. But, after finishing it and thinking about it for a minute, I think it might be my favorite installment, even over Crimson Hearts (although that might just be because of the expectation it gave me for future installments). First, let's start with the criticism:

And the grammar in the mod is still atrocious (even after they "proofread" it), but whatever. That's such a small criticism that I'm not even counting it as a bullet point. Now on to the praise.

There's also at least a few game file secrets you should see. I actually saw the first one posted on reddit long before the mod was released, but incase you didn't, go into game/ and read memoriesofx3bravo.chr. The other two are under game/logs/.

Update: there are some more that actually appeared in one of the earlier installments (they apparently keep the assets for previous installements in the downloads for the newest mod), but I can't remember which one so I'm putting them here: the text document /game/mod_assets/from_dark.txt, and the logs under /game/mod_assets/logs/. The letters at the begining of the log names must stand for the mods they're about: Exit Music, Monika Before Story, and Crimson Hearts.

Okay, update much later. I didn't realize this when I first read the Memories of X3 Bravo, but this revelation destroys the story. It constitutes a complete retcon of the entire original game. I can't understand being so favoritist toward Monika that you would retcon out everything bad she did and say it was all secretly heroic and not realize you were destroying what made her a good character in the original game. And then also not realize the retcon itself is incoherent since if Monika can stop time she has nothing to fear from Yuri. And then also fail to account for this retcon in your plot. If Monika didn't kill Sayori, why do Sayori, Monika, and MC all seem to remember it? You can't even raise the excuse that this is written by Monika Bravo and we've been playing with Monika Alpha because we only played one original game and this letter is clearly referring to that. The only possible remaining defense is that Monika Alpha killed Sayori Alpha in some other timeline that wasn't the original game we played, which technically works, but is still an egregious storytelling failure because it's revealing that the emotional drama in the hospital visit scene was all based on something we never saw. Although honestly maybe that's a good thing since the scene was such a trainwreck anyway...

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